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New Student Admission Procedure
New students must provide:
·       completed application form
·       3 references for students entering grades 6-12
·       copy of current academic report (unless entering school for the first time)
·       a completed physical examination form
·       Immunization records as required by the State of Ohio
·       A birth certificate or approved copy as required by the State of Ohio
These REQUIRED materials will be reviewed by the Admission Committee, and interviews will be scheduled for all students. All new students are accepted for the first year on probation. Official acceptance will not take place until ALL the required documents have been provided and the interview has taken place. NOAA reserves the right to test new applicants for the purposes of school/grade placement.
Current Student Readmission Procedures
Each spring, students currently enrolled will be given the opportunity to preregister for the following school year. The preregistration process will assure the student of enrollment for the next school year, subject to review by the Admissions Committee. This review will be completed prior to the final reacceptance of a student across all grades.