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Homeschool Program

We recognize that Adventist Education is not limited to the brick-and-mortar school but encompasses our families who choose to home-school their children.  We understand that there may be many reasons why homeschool is the best option for a child with the parent being the primary teacher.  Yet, we are willing to support parents and families who homeschool by providing educational opportunities or support.  We are willing to work with parents to customize a support program that best meets their child's homeschool needs.

Some of the ways that we can support your child's home education are as follows:

1. Discuss educational/curricular topics
2. Provide on-site standardized testing
3. Participation in field trips
4. Participation in music class
5. Participation in art class
6. Participation in PE class
7. Participation in Community Service
8. Participation in school programs such as Christmas, church visitations, and graduation
9. Attend school one day a week on Wednesdays.


Registration Process:

  • A Homeschool Registration Form is required of all home-school participants. 

  • A meeting will be arranged with the parents to customize their child's home-school experience.

  • Fees: $300 per semester per student* for the first and second child in the family. The third child is free. If you register four or more children, you will receive the family rate of $900 per semester per family.* 
    *Semester fees do not include field trips and/or other related expenses.

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